Top 3 Best 3D Pen Review And Price

We doodled and traced for over 24 combined hours with six finalists to determine that the MYNT3D – Professional Printing 3D Pen is the Best 3D Pen Review.

We love it for its responsive, limited-blockage filament flow, clear temperature readout, and comfortable construction.

So, how do 3D pens work?

3D pens heat a filament, which is typically plastic, until it’s liquid and easy to draw with.

Once you’ve drawn, the plastic hardens again, allowing you to essentially, “draw in the air”.

Here’s a list of the top three 3D pens:

#1 – MYNT3D – Professional Printing 3D Pen

#2 – 3Doodler – Create 3D Pen

#3 – Sunveza – 3D Printing Pen

So, how did we test?

Courtesy Yourbestdigs Youtube Channel 

To start, we traced simple shapes on a piece of paper to measure the accuracy and usability of each pen.

We also timed how quickly the ink set with each pen.

Next, we tried our hand at free-drawing with the pens.

We scored each pen for ease, accuracy and enjoyment while we drew quickly.

We tested the tracing and welding capabilities of each pen by using a 3D stencil to draw sunglasses.

Finally, we looked at the overall user experience of the pens, analyzing their user manuals, tendency to block up, build quality, and overall safety.

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#1 – MYNT3D – Professional Printing 3D Pen

#1 – MYNT3D - Professional Printing 3D Pen
Courtesy Yourbestdigs Youtube Channel 

The MYNT3D took first place in our tests because of its quick responsiveness, compact size, solid construction, and sturdy handling.

It also has a clear OLED temperature readout, which you can adjust to the degree.

This means that you can use different types of filaments in the MYNT3D, because different filaments have different melting points.

Finally, this pen’s clear user instructions, simple operation, and low filament blockage mean you won’t get frustrated using it.

We only found a couple minor downsides with this pen.

For one, the AC adaptor cable that comes with this pen is short and may require an extension cord to use.

Courtesy Yourbestdigs Youtube Channel 

Secondly, the filament that comes boxed with the pen, ABS, is more toxic than other types of filaments.

This is an easy fix though, since you can buy a different type of filament to use in pen.

Specifications for this item Amazon
Brand NameMYNT3D
Included Components3D pen, manual, 3 rolls ABS filament, USB cord, AC adapter, nozzle replacement tools
Item Weight13.1 ounces
Manufacturer Series NumberStylus
Model NumberMP012-WH
Number of Items1
Part NumberMP012-WH
Specification Met
UNSPSC Code43000000
Warranty Description1 year limited warranty

#2 – 3Doodler – Create 3D Pen

#2 – 3Doodler - Create 3D Pen
Courtesy Yourbestdigs Youtube Channel 

We loved the 3Doodler for its anodized aluminum body, which felt more durable to us than its plastic competitors.

Its instructions are also the most user-friendly, which means your 3D doodles will be off to a well-informed start – people tend to underestimate the power of a great instruction manual.

The only downside?

The 3Doodler filament, though high quality, is the only brand filament you can use in this pen.

Courtesy Yourbestdigs Youtube Channel 

This is problematic for some users, who report the cost of the branded filament to be as much as double the generic filament brands.

That being said, the 3Doodler filament is also higher quality in pigmentation and concentration than the other brands, so it may be worth the extra cost to get the most out of your artistic endeavors.

#3 – Sunveza – 3D Printing Pen

#3 – Sunveza - 3D Printing Pen
Courtesy Yourbestdigs Youtube Channel 

The other pens we tested, like the Sunveza and 7tech, are all relatively similar and ubiquitous in design, which is why they didn’t make our top two.

We found that these styles of pens are sold under multiple brand names on Amazon, and if you’re searching for a pen to use as a once-in-awhile hobby, any of these might serve you well.

All of them have quirks, but some have standout positive features as well, like the 7tech, which was one of the fastest pens we tested.

But if you’re considering adding a 3D pen to your creative arsenal for more frequent use, we highly recommend the MYNT3D.

It’s responsive and easy to use, with a clear temperature readout and great user instructions.

Have any questions?

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