Best Water Flosser

After over 20 hours of use and an interview with an experienced dentist, we’ve determined that the H2ofloss – hf-8 is the Best Water Flosser.

We recommend it for its easy-to-control pressure settings, extra-large reservoir, ability to work with both sensitive and tough gums, and included storage.

So, who needs a water flosser?

The simple answer is: anyone who wants to a healthy mouth!

Water flossers shoot a stream of water between your teeth, helping to dislodge stuck particles.

In combination with regular flossing, water flossers combat plaque and bacteria before they turn into cavities, gingivitis and bad breath.

Simply put: water flossing takes your oral health to the next level in a way that conventional flossing alone cannot.

Here’s our list of the top three best water


  • #1 H2ofloss – hf-8
  • #2 Waterpik Aquarius – WP-660
  • #3 SmarToiletries – STO-PO2016

So, how did we test?

We analyzed each flosser’s ease of use.

Documenting our experience with its power and pressure settings.

Then, we tested the water pressure of each flosser more objectively by seeing how far it could shoot water.

We also timed how long it took to empty each

flosser’s reservoir.

Finally, we rated each flosser based on the number of included flossing tips and their effectiveness.

H2ofloss - hf-8

The H2ofloss was the best corded flosser in our tests.

Immediately, it stood out from many of the other flossers we tested, because unlike its competitors it came with storage for all of its color-coded flossing tips.

It has five different pressure settings, ranging from soft, for sensitive gums to hard, for removing stubborn food particles.

While many of the flossers had hard-to-control pressure settings, the H2ofloss was simple to control from the very first time we tried it.

The great user experience also extends to its water reservoir, which at 800 ml, holds 200 ml more than the standard reservoir.

This means less time spent refilling your flosser when you’re bleary eyed and fresh out of bed.

The final cherry on top?

The H2ofloss comes with a special periodontal tip that is perfect for everything from implants to retainers and hard-to-reach spots.

H2ofloss - hf-8

If we had to pick something we didn’t love about the H2ofloss, we’d point out that it’s lacking the 30-second and one-minute timers that our runner-up pick has.

 Waterpik Aquarius - WP-660

Waterpik is well-known in the water flosser world, so much so that this brand name is often thought to be the generic name for the product.

It’s no surprise then that it ranked so highly in our tests.

The Waterpik Aquarius impressed us with its ten pressure settings.

It was also the only flosser in our tests with a separate massage setting, which allowed our gums a nice break between cleaning.

It also comes with several specialized tips like periodontal, orthodontic, plaque and toothbrush.

Similar to our first place pick, it had an intuitive pressure control and easy on/off switch too.

So what kept the Waterpik from beating out the H2ofloss?

It lacked storage for all of those convenient tips.

Its water tank is also much more average sized, meaning you have to refill it more frequently.

 Waterpik Aquarius - WP-660

If you’re frequently on-the-go or don’t want to abandon your oral health for a few days on the road you probably want a smaller, cordless water flosser.

SmarToiletries - STO-PO2016

If this is what you’re after, we heartily recommend the SmarToiletries.

This little powerhouse has all of its settings on its handle, which also doubles as the water reservoir.

It’s waterproof, which means you can use it in the hotel shower.

And, it’ll also last for 30 seconds on high pressure, which is both rare and impressive for such a small reservoir.

SmarToiletries - STO-PO2016

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