Best Tower Fan Review

After 60 hours of testing and comparing 30 fans, our pick for the Best Tower Fan is the Seville Classics – UltraSlimLine.

It’s affordable, powerful and capable of cooling a large portion of your room.

Here is our top five list of the Best Tower


  • #1 Seville Classics – UltraSlimLine
  • #2 Dyson – AM07
  • #3 Honeywell – HY-280
  • #4 Lasko – Wind Curve
  • #5 Brookstone – MightyMax

So, how did we test?

We measured overall cooling power using an anemometer, testing each fan’s wind speed at its highest level in miles per hour.

Noise level: we were cautious of the impact noise can have on comfort.

We also looked at oscillation.

A tower fan’s ability to rotate significantly affects its ability to cool a large space or group.

Finally, it’s worth considering their energy efficiency, for both the environment and your utility bill.

Other features we made sure to note were aesthetics and overall value.

Seville Classics - UltraSlimLine

Alright, so the Seville Classics – UltraSlimline is by far the best tower fan for the money.

It is more powerful than the competition and is capable of cooling several people in large spaces.

It’s only weakness?

Well, it’s a little on the loud side.

But, we did cut the Seville some slack because it does produce the strongest wind levels, so, naturally it’s going to be a little louder.

Dyson - AM07

If money was not a factor, the Dyson – AM07 would definitely be our top choice.

It is almost as powerful as the Seville, looks considerably better, is the quietest unit and can cover significantly larger spaces than others.

However, the reality is that the Dyson costs around five to six times the cost of the Seville.

For a fan, a $400 price tag will be tough to swallow for the vast majority of folks.

Honeywell - HY-280

The Honeywell – HY-280 earned our number three pick.

With great coverage, solid air-flow, and quiet noise levels, we felt its low energy usage and overall cost make it a great budget pick.

Lasko - Wind Curve

The Lasko – Wind Curve is a solid unit, but had the lowest degrees of oscillation, and was only capable of ‘OK’ cooling coverage unless you tilted the fan opening.

Its wooden face would blend in nicely with the right home, but overall, we’d only rate this as just a decent tower fan.

Brookstone - MightyMax

We decided to test the Brookstone – MightyMax based on better-than-average reviews online.

However, we found it to be a mediocre unit masquerading as an expensive one.

It looks kind of nice, but underperforms on every other metric compared to the rest of our top-five due to its poor air flow power and middle-of-the-road oscillation.

It’s twice as expensive as the middle range units, hovering around $100 which most people will pass on.

Overall, we were quite impressed with the Seville Classics – UltraSlimLine.

Its high-powered air-flow covers a lot of ground and is in the bottom cost bracket of every single tower fan we tested.

It might not have the “wow” factor of the Dyson – AM07, but it does have the effectiveness.

At around $60, it’ll keep you, your family and your friends as cool as can be.

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