Best Pressure Washer Review

After spending 40 hours testing six of the Best Pressure Washers for residential use, we narrowed it down to our top two picks.

The Ivation is the best electric pressure washer and the Generac as the best gas pressure washer.

For most homeowners, we recommend the Ivation electric model since it’s ideal for moderate at-home cleaning tasks like car washing, cleaning the deck or house exterior.

We will explore the differences in the two models and what we recommend for who. Here is our list of the six best pressure washers.
In our electric

pressure washer category: #1
Ivation – IVA-9175L.

2 Sun Joe – SPX3000.

3 The Force – 1800.

4 AR Blue Clean – A383

And our best gas pressure
washers: #1 Generac – 6923 and #2 Simpson Cleaning – MSH3125-S

Before we move on to testing, let’s take a minute to break down why you’d need a pressure washer.

Not only can you accomplish the more obvious tasks like washing off outdoor furniture and cleaning stucco and siding, but in certain settings, power washers can remove chipped paint or even oil stains with the right detergent.

We really recommend reading the manual of the pressure washer you bring home.

Pressure washers are not as intuitive to operate and can be dangerous to you and the surfaces you’re cleaning unless you fully understand how to use them.

So, how did we test? Most machines had interchangeable spray tips, which we found useful for different cleaning projects.

Overall usage of each pressure washer and its cleaning performance. Using a sound decibel meter, we tested the decibels each machine made.

Some of these machines, especially the gas-powered models, may disturb your neighbors.

We painted two-by-fours and then, using the highest power setting and the most concentrated tip, then blasted the painted wood to see if it had the power to chip away the paint.

Of course, in real use cases, you can switch tips or
back away from the wood to not damage it while still
removing the paint.

Ivation - IVA-9175L.

If you are looking to clean your deck, fence, and car, give the Ivation a whirl. It had the most well-thought-out design and performed exceptionally on medium-duty cleaning tasks with the ability to tackle heavier jobs if you have the patience.

The Ivation is a polished product with a simple superior design.
We really like how straight-forward the wand setup was with the simple press and twist-action to connect the wand and extension leaving little room for error.

The detergent bottle is hidden and built-in.

A feature, not every unit had. Not only is the design and construction a grade above the rest, but the Ivation also chipped away at the paint — something several other electric units in our test were unable to do.

It should be noted that cleaning a large area with this and any electric pressure washer will take a lot longer than gas-powered models.

Ivation - IVA-9175L. Keytakes

But, for cleaning and light maintenance the Ivation power washer will shine.

If you’re looking to clean surface areas over a hundred square feet on a regular basis or need extra power for stubborn stains, then the Generac gas pressure washer will make your life a whole lot easier.

While significantly heavier due to the metal frame and power gas engine, the Generac is capable of tackling much larger projects but comes at a cost of double the price of our electric top pick.

Physically handling this machine starts to get taxing due to weight and force, but since you’ll complete the same task in 25% of the time of using an electric power washer, this can be worthwhile.

The Generac was the pack leader in the paint chip test. When switched to the zero-degree tip, it hacked into the test piece of wood.

We should warn you that gas power washers have a slight learning curve and much more time was spent reading through the manual to completely understand how to operate them.

They are noticeably louder and have an odor from the gas engine exhaust.

The Simpson ended up being the runner-up for gas-powered models.

Its design, build-quality, and components were all excellent.
At least in the second unit we received.

Our first unit had a gas leak issue causing engine starting issues.
If not for this issue, its performance and quality were very close to the Generac.

Product information

Product Dimensions34.75 x 21 x 23.25 inches
Item Weight65 pounds
Item model numberMSH3125
Customer Reviews4.2 out of 5 stars    3,047 ratings
4.2 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank#1,594 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden)
#6 in Pressure Washers
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
2 Sun Joe - SPX3000.

The Sun Joe was a close runner-up to our top pick for electric pressure washers.
This unit priced very similarly to the Ivation had lots of pleasant surprises and included solid cleaning power and high-quality components.
Weirdly, the body of the machine seemed cheaply-made.

The Force - 1800

We were shocked at the compact size of The Force – 1800 when it arrived in the mail.

However, in our own power measurement tests, this
machine ranked the weakest and was not able to chip the paint.

The construction, size, and materials used for this power washer all point to a cheaply-made machine.

AR Blue Clean - A383

But, it will also get the job done if the size is a priority for you.
The AR Blue is the lowest priced machine we tested and it gets the job done. But, has problematic shortcomings like no alternate cleaning tips and a terrible hose real system.

Spending just a little bit extra will give you more power and convenient features.

The bottom line is the Ivation is a great power washer for pretty much any of your home needs.
If you require something for professional or heavier use, opt for the Generac gas-powered model.

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