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Best High Chair The trouble started when our daughter Scarlett was about a month old.

Despite being all of 22 inches in height and weighing less than some bowling balls, she demanded a place at the table.

Whenever my wife, son, and I would gather for dinner and nestle the newborn in her rocker, a seat perched close to the ground, the fussing started at once.

So we looked for a solution and came across the high chair.

Before we get started with detailing the best high chairs on the market, we have included links in the description for each product mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget range.

Starting off with the best overall high chair we have the Bloom Fresco highchair.

Starting off with the best overall high chair we have the Bloom Fresco highchair.

As I said in the introduction, my daughter

Scarlett, just shy of four months old as I write these words, does not like to be left out of the action.

When she’s nestled in her floor rocker, she coos and goos contentedly as long as someone is sitting there beside her giving their fullmattention.

As soon as we gather at the table for a meal, she starts to grumble and cry until she is picked up and held in a lap where she can see her brother, mom, and me.

Which is cute sometimes, but also a hassle when one is trying to eat.

The solution was the Bloom Fresco highchair, one of the few out there that can be safely adapted for use with the littlest infants.

While most high chairs are not safe for kids who can’t sit up and balance their heads without added stability and support, the Fresco works with strap and seating inserts that make the chair safe for newborns to use.

The first time Scarlett sat in her Bloom while the rest of us ate, she happily smiled and babbled away, looking around at the family and actually giving us about a 10 minute window during which she did not demand to be held.

And with different attachments and in various configurations, she will be able to continue using this high chair well into her toddler years.

For the record, assembly was a bit of a headache and this is one expensive high chair, but the effort and cost were both well worth it.

Thanks to Scarlett’s Bloom Fresco, we can sit as a family of four even during this earliest period of our four-person team.

One parent who reviewed the Bloom Fresco on

Amazon speaks for me and for many when she calls out not only how well the highchair works, but how good it looks, saying she regularly sees “other high chairs in [her] friends’ kitchens and they don’t come close to looking [as] chic and modern” as the Fresco.

Product information

Color: WhiteTechnical Details

Item Weight31 pounds
Product Dimensions23.5 x 45.2 x 23.5 inches
Target genderUnisex
Minimum weight recommendation5 Pounds
Maximum weight recommendation79 Pounds
Best usesfeeding
Batteries requiredNo
Dishwasher safeNo
Specification met(unset)
Is portableNo
Next up we have the best multi-age high chair which goes to the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair.

Next up we have the best multi-age high chair which goes to the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair.

We have not one but two Stokke Tripp Trapp

High Chairs in our house, though one of them is going to remain in the box for a couple years yet.

Soon enough, my daughter Scarlett will start sitting in her Tripp Trapp, and when she does, she’ll join her brother, Ben, who has now been using his Tripp Trapp chair for four years.

Since its introduction back in the 1970s, this Stokke high chair has become a core piece of furniture in countless homes just like mine thanks to the elegant simplicity of its design.

As your child grows, you can lower the seat and foot rest incrementally until, eventually, the foot rest is removed entirely and the seat attains the dimensions of a standard chair used by grownups.

Along the way, you can outfit the Stokke Tripp

Trapp with myriad accessories, including a harness for infants and a tray for toddlers.

Though in truth we never used the tray, as one of my favorite things about the Tripp Trapp is that you can slide the high chair right up to the table, making your child a full participant in mealtimes.

My wife and I also have both long appreciated the handsome Scandinavian design of the chair.

Its simple lines and wooden materials blend with the aesthetics of the home rather than standing out starkly like so many baby products tend to.

With nearly 550 reviews posted on Amazon, the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair enjoys a sterling 4.6-star average rating.

One father who reports that he “absolutely love[s] this high chair” calls it a piece of furniture “that keeps on giving” as his kids grow.

And a mom appreciates that when her son is in his Tripp Trapp, he “is seated like any other person an the table.”

Product information

Size: High Chair | Color: BlackTechnical Details

Item Weight17 pounds
Product Dimensions18 x 18 x 31 inches
Item model numberTTChairs
Target genderUnisex
Maximum weight recommendation242 Pounds
Material TypeWood
StyleNew Harness
Batteries requiredNo
Up next we have the best low-cost high chair which goes to the Graco SimpleSwitch High Chair.

Up next we have the best low-cost high chair which goes to the Graco SimpleSwitch High Chair.

First, let’s get the one issue I have with this high chair out of the way: The Graco

SimpleSwitch High Chair isn’t all that much to look at.

Its large tray, splayed tubular legs, and oversized padding won’t add elegance or style to your home.

But that tray will provide plenty of spacemfor a kid to eat or play, the legs are sturdy and create good balance, and the pad will keep a small body comfortable and safe, and those things far outweigh aesthetics in the big picture.

Also, this chair costs less than sixty bucks, which is a good price for a good piece of baby hardware.

And what’s more, your child won’t outgrow the Graco SimpleSwitch any time soon, as the chair can be detached from the legs and used as a booster seat instead of a high chair.

That only makes the low price even sweeter, and makes the less-than-stellar aesthetics of the legs less of an issue.

You’ll also be pleased to know that the tray wipes clean with ease and can be removed with one hand, and that the seat pad is machine washable.

With 1,200+ reviews posted on Amazon, this

Graco high chair scores a 4.6-star rating.

One parent speaks for many when she says the chair is “easy to assemble… very easy to clean,” and affordable, too.

Product information

Style: Blossom 6 in 1 | Color: SapphireTechnical Details

Item Weight32 pounds
Product Dimensions29 x 22.5 x 41 inches
Item model number1893802
Maximum weight recommendation60 Pounds
Number of items1
StyleBlossom 6 in 1
Batteries requiredNo
Next we have the best easy-to-use high chair which goes to the Nuna ZAAZ high chair.

Next we have the best easy-to-use high chair which goes to the Nuna ZAAZ high chair.

I’ve assembled at least eight or nine high chairs over the years, including several for my own kids as well as units put together to help out my folks, my in-laws, and various friends.

Usually the process is intuitive enough but rarely is it all that efficient.

I’d say standard high chair assembly requires about a half hour, what with all the packaging to remove, the instructions to read, the safety testing, and so forth.

With the Nuna ZAAZ, by far the most laborious and time-consuming part of the assembly process was getting the high chair out of its surprisingly sturdy and well-sealed cardboard box.

Using the included visual and text assembly instructions, I built our new Nuna ZAAZ high chair in five minutes.


And once the thing was assembled, swapping in or out its arm bar or tray or adjusting the harness straps required maybe thirty seconds each, while raising or lowering the height of the seat, as you would do to accommodate various table heights or kid sizes, takes less than five seconds.

This high chair is designed to grow with your child, the seat lowering as he or she gets bigger and the types of restraints used changing and then ultimately being removed entirely.

But one of its major selling points for me isn’t its long-term adaptability, but the fact that you can so quickly customize the chair to kids of so many ages and sizes.

It’s the perfect choice for grandparents with grandkids of various ages that visit, for example.

Which is exactly why we moved our Nuna ZAAZ

to Grammy and Pop’s house, in fact.

The high chair might be pricey, but it’s popular, with Nordstrom shoppers giving it a sky-high five-star overall rating.

One grandmother who uses the Nuna ZAAZ much like my in-laws called it “easy to keep clean [and] extremely stable,” while a mom was thrilled that the chair matched her household’s “style and furniture so [she didn’t] feel like [they] needed to hide it.”

So that sums up our top high chairs of 2019.

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