Best Handheld Vacuum Review

Today I’m giving you a quick take review of the best handheld vacuum cleaner.

So, we spent four months testing eight of the top handheld vacuums on the market.

We looked at everything from their size, their weight, their noise emissions to of course, how well they picked up dirt and debris.

So, let’s get into our top picks.

All right.

So, after all that testing, we found that the Dyson – V7 was the clear winner.

This one has an awesome V7 digital motor, it got two tiers of radial cyclones, and it got this lithium battery that runs out way more slowly than its competitors.

Now, it’s not really surprising that the Dyson won, considering sir James Dyson literally invented cyclonic vacuum technology.

But, there are a lot of other companies that have learned to do the same kind of technology.

That being said we think Dyson does it better and a little more expensively than its competitors.

But, even with the higher price point, we do think that Dyson is worth it.

It got the dust off of our keyboards that we didn’t even know was there until we saw it in this vacuum chamber.

Plus, it’s one of only two vacuums we tested that cleans the air while we’re vacuuming and that’s a really cool feature.

Some other awesome, user-friendly features its got is this cool point and shoot design that makes it super easy to target dirt, its got an instant-release trigger, which means it’s really easy to use, and of course, its got awesome suction.

But our favorite feature of this Dyson has to be the hygienic one-touch dirt disposal.

Basically, you press a button, all the dirt comes out of the bottom, and your hands never ever get dirty.

So, we tested the V7 and the V6 and what we found is that the V7 – it really improved on the V6 in terms of run-time. It has about 30 minutes of run-time before it runs out.

And it’s also a lot quieter than the V6 too.

This one also comes with some awesome attachments and our favorite is the pet hair removal tool, which is really good at getting dirt off of upholstery.

Now, if we had to pick something we didn’tmlike about this vacuum, we’d say that its nozzle can make it a little bit difficult to get into tight spaces and you do have to hold this trigger down any time you’re vacuuming.

That being said, we think it’s a great investment if you have allergies or really consistent clean-up jobs to take care of, the Dyson V7 is the vacuum that you want to get.

Now if you’re not looking to spend as much on a vacuum, we also really liked this Black + Decker 20V MAX FLEX.

This one is super lightweight, but it still got really strong suction.

And it’s about half the cost of the Dyson.

It also comes with some really effective pet hair removal brushes just like the Dyson.

However, it’s going to lose out to the Dyson in battery life, which can be kind of a pain if you got a longer clean-up job.

So thank you guys for this quick take a review of the best handheld vacuum.

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